About me!

I grew up in Sydney and now live on the Gold Coast QLD. I have four children and eight grandchildren. Yes Eight!

I have worked with children in early childhood most of my working life, as a playgroup co-ordinator, preschool group leader, swim teacher from babies to adults and people with disabilities and as a Teacher’s Aide in SEDU and Special Schools.

I currently work with families in crisis (in home care) – they might have a mental or physical challenge with either the parent or the child/ren. This is rewarding work and gives me flexibility to study.

My other interest is working with children with disabilities. Here on the Coast recently I have worked at a Special School in class and Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy benefits these children so much as they have more freedom of movement in the water. In Sydney there is a voluntary group that has children with disabilities who play and race each other in the water. Also adults with disabilities and stroke victims (the zipper club because of the chest scar they have after open heart surgery) come and build up their strength in the water. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything similar here.

I want to be a teacher who inspires her students to be strong, confident and capable adults.

I am looking forward to this semester!


4 Responses to About me!

  1. Your hydrotherapy work sounds interesting Michelle, look forward to learning with you.

    • mteakle says:

      Hi Sonia, hydrotherapy is interesting and so beneficial to the students. ICT is huge, I seem to be spending an incredible amount of time reading, searching, uploading and downloading ‘stuff’ and trying to make sense of it all. I blogged a bit yesterday about an initiative to scare teenagers into thinking about violence and driving drunk.

      Amazing stuff!

  2. Aunty Shell says:

    Michelle, Your comment on one of the other students’ blogs about being a Montessori Educator has me very interested in following your blogs.

    • mteakle says:

      Hi, I loved working in a Montessori Environment, when it is run as it should be or even close to what it should it is fantastic. Unfortunately here on the Gold Coast Qld there are very few true Montessori schools. Such as the Auchenflower Centre in Brisbane which has equipment the centre has been using for 100 years and is still in use. The equipment is a set of blocks that are pale pink in colour, there are ten blocks. They are designed to stack one on another, each one slightly smaller than the one below it. When all the blocks are stack in a tower the child can see that the difference between each one has the value of one. It is self correcting because if the child puts a bigger block on top it falls. With this simple piece of equipment the child can understand that one is the smallest number and ten the biggest, and that there is a difference of one between each number as represented by the blocks. It is called a pink tower. Developed by Maria Montessori based on equipment invented by Piaget.

      I love the Montessori environment because of the purposeful work the children engage in and the respect the adults give the children which the children reflect back to the adults. From my Montessori experience the respectful philosophy is definitely a big factor of my teaching.

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